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About Papillon Translations

We offer transcription and interpretation services, in all of our 150 languages, and SDL Trados.

As native speakers our professional translators have first-hand knowledge of the target markets. This is not only important for accuracy but also to be able to provide in-depth knowledge of local and cultural influences. This also ensures our translations acknowledge the target audience and sensitivity of the local environment, that may not be obvious to the casual translator.

Translation is a vital tool in bridging the gap between cultures, and this can have a very positive effect on your business. It’s not just large, international corporations that benefit from professional translation services. In fact, more and more smaller businesses are looking to open their doors to international exchange, and business from clients overseas.

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Our Proud Associates

Newcastle University

Papillon acknowledges its increasing role with worldwide markets, and the importance of working with the community it serves. Papillon recognises the unique diverse talents of the students studying at Newcastle University. They are highly motivated, intelligent, professional individuals who have exceptional intellectual ability, and are keen to develop further real life experience.

Papillon offers the students the chance to gain the work experience they require to go into the work place. Working with each student, Papillon interviews, assesses, and agrees terms and conditions of full freelance translator requirements. The students are paid exactly the same as all our regular translators; that is to say above the industry standard. We want our exceptional translators to stay with us, so we treat them very well.

Papillon Translations is very proud to work with the students of Newcastle University.

Newcastle University Careers Service


“Papillon is a registered supplier of Translation, Transcription, and Interpretation to the Ministry of Justice” - Ministry of Justice

“Papillon Translations is an approved expert supplier for BHP Law” - BHP Law

“I’m indebted to Steve Kent of Papillon for the detailed transcription and translation of my foreign audio tapes. Papillon managed to produce outstanding work from some difficult recordings. I would have no hesitation in using them again, and recommend their thorough work.” - Thomson Consulting (UK) Ltd

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We understand the value of our translators, and are always looking to expand our pool.

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