Papillon Translations is a multilingual translation service. We understand the value of our translators, and are always looking to expand our pool. If you would like to register your interest in working with us as one of our freelance translators, please complete the form below. You will be expected to go through a short assessment, (approx. 600 words) into the languages you wish to be considered for.

How it works

Papillon handles extremely sensitive material, and as such requires a very robust selection process. You will be asked to do a short translation and proof reading exercise, you will be expected to produce a CV, and your references will be taken.
We only employ the best translators. Our registration and membership process is the first stage of assessment, and we spend a lot of hours checking and double checking all translators. Registration is free.

Papillon uses TransferWise for all international payments. To register follow the link below:


Thank you.