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Privacy Notice



Papillon Translations Ltd. – Privacy Notice


Personal data collected by Papillon

As part of the process of booking one of our services, Papillon will collect a small amount of information about the person who made the booking, such as their name, work email address and work phone number. Because bookings are made by the staff of our customer organisations, these contact details relate to the service user’s job and employer and are not usually personal information.

If a service user takes the unusual step of provide Papillon Translations with their personal phone number, email address or other personal contact details, Papillon Translations will store this information as part of our booking records.

Occasionally, Papillon Translations will create a written document (such as a translation or transcription) that includes personal data such as a person’s name and medical history.

Why Papillon needs this personal data

Papillon uses booking information to contact the service user and manage the assignment. For example, we will use the email address and phone number to contact the service user to clarify details about the task, to check that the finished work was acceptable and to arrange payment.

Sometimes, Papillon will handle other types of personal data when we translate a document, transcribe recorded speech or produce a large-print version of a text. In these cases, Papillon only uses this personal information to create the new document requested by our customer – we do not record the information in any other form.

What Papillon does with personal data

Booking information

On the very rare occasions that a customer provides Papillon with personal information (such as a home phone number or email address) during the booking process, we will save it to just one place: our booking record. This record is kept securely on cloud servers within the European Economic Area. It is not stored in any way on Papillon’s servers or computers at our offices.

Once the assignment is finished, we will remove all personal contact information within 24 hours of the work being signed off by the customer.

Personal data for document production

When Papillon processes personal data as part of producing a translation or other document for a customer, we will keep the source document and finished documents on cloud servers within the European Economic Area. No documents will be stored in any way on Papillon’s servers or computers at our offices.

Whilst one of our linguists is working on a document it will remain on Papillon’s cloud server and will not be transferred to any other computer or device. The linguist will work on the document using a system similar to Google Docs which enables them to access the source material and create a translation or transcription without saving or transferring any of the information.

Once Papillon has completed a document containing personal information (such as a translation of a medical record) and it has been signed off by the customer we will delete it from our servers within 24 hours.

Your rights under data protection legislation

You have the legal right to:

  • ask Papillon to detail which of your personal data we hold
  • ask Papillon to correct or delete your personal data
  • complain about our handling of your personal data

To do any of these, contact our Data Protection Officer Steve Kent using the email .

If you wish to report Papillon’s handling of your personal data, contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.